Private Piano, Music Production, Songwriting and NA Flute lessons are tailored to each studentʼs individual needs and goals, incorporating all elements of music. The lessons are based on a holistic and creative teaching approach, in order to enhance a joyful and efficient learning process.


- All Genres of Music
- Beginners - Advanced!
- Creative & Fun
- Degreed, experienced instructor
- Jazz improvisation
- Music Theory
- Learn how to Arrange, re-harmonize and produce your own songs 
- Increase memory & coordination between left & right hand
- Exercise your visual muscles
- Eliminate emotional blocks and gain confidence

In-Home Lessons, Local Studio and Group Classes (in English or German)

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Learning how to play a musical instrument is extremely beneficial as it helps to increase memory, focus, physical and mental balance.
Music is considered a multi sensory experience as it engages the tactile, kinesthetic, auditory, and visual system. 

Besides some of the more obvious benefits and reasons to play an instrument, music motivates and also helps to connect and bond! It has been scientifically proven that oxytocin which is also known as the bonding or “feel good” hormone is released when listening to or making music. 

Iʼm looking forward to connecting with you and to assist you on this musical journey.