Native American Flute Sound Baths & Silent Meditation

A Stress Relief Meditation to enhance Creativity, Healing and Awareness.

Have you ever wondered why listening to the Native American Flute makes you feel so calm and why it is often used as background music in Wellness Centers, Spas & Healing Circles around the world?

The sound of the flute can transport the listener to a more relaxed and calm state. This state or feeling of relaxation is also known as the ‘alpha’ state, during which your brain is pulsing at a lower rate than your mental and emotional fluctuations. 

The sound baths were designed to help experience this shift, so that it is possible to regain access to greater amounts of creativity, well being & inner harmony. 

Recent research has shown that Alpha waves increase during silent relaxation periods followed by periods of listening to NA flute music. Some may be able to shift within a few minutes, while others may find it much more difficult - as most of us are operating in the beta state due to our daily activities and busy lifestyles. Brainwaves in the 15 to 25 Hz range, termed the Beta band, are usually associated with alert and active thinking or anxious concentration. 

I invite you to join me on this journey of Sound and Relaxation.

*Group Classes and Private Sessions*

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This song will be created to match your own personal vibration. Heartsong recordings (performed on flute) are intended to help facilitate a shift in consciousness - reconnecting you to inner stillness and reminding you of your true purpose and magnificence. 

Jasmin uses high quality recording equipment, creating beautiful melodies and a gorgeous sound recording.

A one hour session can be done in person or long distance. Please note, for long distance Heartsong recordings it is not necessary to be physically present, only the individual’s name, birthdate and an email address (to deliver mp3s) and /or postal mailing address (to ship CDs) are required.

Once the Heartsong is recorded, an mp3 file will be sent through email and a CD shipped via postal service (optional).

Allow three weeks for mp3 delivery and four to five weeks for CDs.

To request a Heartsong or for more information please email Jasmin at:







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